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largely considered the worst record label of all-time, always do your best! had a short but illustrious career disappointing people all over the north american continent and occasionally abroad. the label was founded deep in the heart of texas (austin IS the heart) in late 2005 before finding its way to portland, oregon where it died a quick and mostly painless death in 2008 when the website unexpectedly collapsed.

releasing a number of mildly to very unpopular budget albums through the years, the label quickly became known for moderately interesting music and shoddy, but unique, craftsmanship. releases rarely cost more than a few bucks and we constantly sought to lower our prices to accommodate the financially-strapped masses of whacked out freaks. if it had been a business, it surely would have been bankrupt within a few days. luckily, it was a labor of love... except that's not a legitimate currency recognized by any federal body so you can see where the problem arises.

many talented and attractive people were a part of the label and their sounds can be found on the compilations and assorted albums for download on this exact website. no style requirements were stylishly required of the label's roster; as long as you weren't a totally rude dweeb, you could join. the music was sometimes robotic, sometimes demonic, but it was always quixotic. everyone involved truly embodied the brand we stood by. towards the end, with $-shaped tears, the line-up was slimmed down to increase cohesion and keep the family a bit more tight-knit. that era was probably the most musically promising, but it was cut far too short.

always do your best! even expanded into publishing a monthly zine of ramblings, but the burden of so many irons in so many fires scalded the hands of our tiny, insignificant staff. eventually always do your best! folded like so many sheets of paper and can now be found here as a tribute to the things that were and the things that were never meant to be. you can also visit our blog to quickly download our albums or say hello. thanks for your interest, you cool dude.

please contact for any questions, complaints, or corrections relating to either the information or the coding of this site. internet explorer users should never contact us for any reason. ever.


the birthday mixxx
colourful people
communal death duck
the daggggers
the fantastics
fizzy dino pop
the french a.
glitter pets
harm harm
jewel jungle
koala kong
me and the manatee
mommy loves baby!
murder at 4
napalm soup with screws in it
the narrow escapes
pancake massacre
the rollerskating americans
summer dance party
white deer

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