colourful people, scientist TITLE
colourful people PRFM
august 8, 2006 RLSD
folded paper cd-r FRMT
35 or so PRNT
11 tracks - 32 minutes LGTH

the first album by colourful people, which was eventually re-released in an altered format the next year. this is where you'll find three of the more obscure and less enjoyed songs that the group recorded and never considered performing again. three singles were released from this album, which can be found just a bit below here. a pin was also produced, although not very well, by some guy somewhere. took him forever to send them too. well, this isn't a yelp review of some guy making homemade pins in 2006 so i'll get back to the album. it also came out on cassette with two tracks shortened (just your standard fade job), although the tape is an even rarer find. DWLD