dumb, fat and anorexic / the passive remixes TITLE
pancake massacre PRFM
january 17, 2006 RLSD
plastic case c-90 FRMT
something like 20 PRNT
20 tracks - 38 minutes LGTH

probably considered the quintessential masterwork of america's rudest teenagers. this cassette features all the group's most beloved hits and i even convinced them to let me include remixes of all ten tracks (or i just did it without asking. i don't remember the specifics). most of the remixes contain tons of samples from all types of sources and none of them were cleared. massive copyright infringement! yay! also included is the original promotional commercial that is quite odd. there is so much love and so very much hate in this cassette that it's hard to explain properly. it must be heard.

dumbfatandanorexic.zip DWLD