hello baby! (bye bye baby!): the pre-album TITLE
mommy loves baby! PRFM
october 11, 2005 RLSD
folded paper cd-r FRMT
around 20 PRNT
6 tracks - 14 minutes LGTH

something of a failed experiment. recording was halted in the middle of the sessions due to a mechanical meltdown and the group never reformed to complete the album. original tracks were left in unfinished and single track mixes. to spice it up, two tracks were remixed and the album was called a "pre-album" in hopes it would one day be completed. that never happened, but it stands today as the first official release on always do your best!; a landmark in its own time. it quickly went out of print and a re-release was attempted with two additional (although previously released) remixes in 2007, but it was never completed. howeever, it didn't garner much interest so no loss there.

hellobabybyebyebaby.zip DWLD