multi-cultural people like multi-colourful things TITLE
colourful people / white deer PRFM
july 2006 RLSD
folded paper cd-r FRMT
7 tracks - 11 minutes LGTH

a split cd between colourful people, who were recording their first full album at the time, and white deer, who never got around to recording one of their own. oh yeah, also both groups include the same people. this album does have a rare track that can be found nowhere else: the collaboration track between the two groups that sounds an awful lot like 10 seconds of silence. if you skip downloading this one, i won't be surprised. the best of 2006! compilation has most of the tracks so that might be a better place to focus your energy... or maybe you're a completist and a lover of conceptual silence tracks. i honestly can't say becuase i don't even know who you are. find yourself and make up your mind. DWLD