the breakfast show: concert on tape [live] TITLE
various artists PRFM
february 10, 2007 RCRD
plastic case c-60 FRMT
unreleased PRNT
18 tracks - 57 minutes LGTH

this little bit of nostalgia was recorded live at the sandstone II apartment complex in austin, texas on february 10, 2007 to celebrate the birthday of mat (of basil the mouse/tomato fame). someone i invited to the party ate the big birthday pancake that was intended for mat. i still feel bad about that to this day. the performance included acts from the p.e.a.r.l., black wainbow & always do your best! record labels. plans for an official co-release on the three labels fell through & the project was shelved, but is now here for you to listen to in much of its original glory. there were a few additional tracks performed by each artist, but most have been lost in time, probably forever. if you shop at thrift stores in austin and obsessively purchase seemingly blank cassettes, you may have the missing link. i really wish i could present the complete show. i also don't have any pictures from that day so this is the record of a time that barely happened, i guess. DWLD