the first annual harm harm freedom festival [studio] TITLE
harm harm PRFM
april 2, 2004 RLSD
jewel case 3" cd-r FRMT
15, i think PRNT
3 tracks - 14 minutes LGTH

this is a tiny piece of history. it contains the studio versions of the set performed at the first annual harm harm freedom festival in austin, tx by harm harm themselves. amongst a hoard of angsty teenagers who wanted nothing more than to not stand around in the night heat of texas, harm harm literally blew the minds out the back of people's skulls with rock music. it was so goofy and unenjoyable that the silent jeers and the even quieter cheers could somehow be heard across state lines. despite how terrible the performance went, the audience clamoured for the tiny limited edition discs until not one could be found. also included here is a harm harm track that was included on business deal's "quasitropic dexadreams" compilation around this time. DWLD