tiger mask TITLE
colourful people PRFM
fall 2006 RLSD
folded paper cd-r FRMT
7 tracks - 15 minutes LGTH

the first single from the colourful people's first album about the desire to make nice with a one-eyed tiger. real spooky. combining one of the catchiest singles with some of the clumsiest bonus tracks around made this one of the craziest things ever released on the label. it was so out of this world, it convinced austinsound to review it with minimal objections to its stupidity. everyone loves the title track and the b-side is a small slice of cake, but then it falls off a cliff into a strange world of warped remixes and a confusing alternate version of the main character. ultimately, it's a tiny trip down a wide street, but it might just change you.

tigermasksingle.zip DWLD