volume one: the best of 2005 and before! TITLE
various artists PRFM
january 24, 2006 RLSD
folded paper cd-r FRMT
20 or maybe less PRNT
30 tracks - 61 minutes LGTH

this is the first in a super serious series of compilations featuring the best that doing your best can do. although the label truly formed in 2005, there were a few stray tracks from 2004 that i knew had to be included because they were so inspirational to the album's development. this was also the first time the label featured acts from outside the tiny circle around austin, tx. it originally came out on january 17th as the "mixed up edition", a single disc with tracks from the two disc set. the next week, the deluxe edition was released with the original songs on disc one and special friendship remixes of each of those on the second disc. a year later, during the development of a double cassette featuring the best tracks from 2004-2006, i was designing a cassette version that never materialized, but you can see the packaging for that. there was also briefly an expanded edition in a sleek jewel case design that was going to feature 5 bonus hits that should have been included in the first place. i don't think we ever even sold a copy of that so i can't claim that it really existed. had someone ordered it, i would have made it though.

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