volume three: more of the best of 2006! TITLE
various artists PRFM
february 13, 2007 RLSD
slim jewel case cd-r FRMT
around 15 PRNT
9 tracks - ?? minutes LGTH

this is a continuation of volume two, which was released a month prior. these three groups were added to the label too late to be included on that album so we made a whole new one for them. there are three different versions, each in slim jewel cases, as different color schemes went to the individual artists for them to distribute. i think we only got to 15 total copies before i lost the files needed to produce more. no one ordered it so i guess that wasn't a major loss. i've only been able to salvage three of the nine songs**, thanks to a loyal friends club member. if anyone has a copy of the full album or songs, please contact us.

volumethree.zip DWLD