always do your best! cassette-catalog #1! TITLE
various artists PRFM
january 16, 2007 RLSD
paper sleeve c-60 FRMT
less than 50 PRNT
12 tracks - 28 minutes LGTH

a cheap man's version of the best of 2006! compilation: a free cassette-and-catalog combo featuring a song by each artists from the full-length album. i dubbed these tapes with a wonky boombox i borrowed from my dad so sometimes the music was barely audible. one person even asked me to send the mp3s to them so they could record the music onto side b because it was blank! that anecdote is probably a more accurate representation of the record label than the actual music presented here. so amateur. unless you're a completist AND love crummy catalogs, you should probably skip this and head over to the album with the giraffe on it. ya dig? DWLD