talk books / ghost wordsTITLE
colourful people PRFM
december 2006 RLSD
giftwrapped cd-r FRMT
around 10 PRNT
4 tracks - 10 minutes LGTH

an early christmas present for the label's biggest fans. this double single features two of colourful people's most enduring and unendurable hits from their first album along with two previously unreleased b-sides. the first was later re-released along with both a-sides on "the colourful people sing tiger mask and other hits" album a few months later. the other b-side is a very rare southern rendition of the single "talk books". it's so rare, in fact, that i don't even have a copy of it available here**. i am searching though and it may some day be available so check back obsessively. it came giftwrapped in stunning a colourful zebra print with a small bow and instructions on how to open it. however, i know for a fact it was improperly (or at least incompletely) opened at least twice. **UPDATE: the missing track has been found and is available below. all praise scavenging! DWLD