here are some special treats for all the die-hards; all zero of you. these are just random tracks from unfinished albums, compilation submissions, etc.

songs by astrocosmonauts

i believe this duo was the last new group to be added to the label's roster sometime in 2008. unfortunately, the label folded before we could release their full-length album, but they were able to release it themselves later. here are a few tracks they submitted for our final compilation.

songs by colourful people

here are three groups of rare colourful people recordings: their complete set from the breakfast show, their final recordings as a duo that were intended for a single in early 2007, and a set of talkboy recordings where the title track is based on a child's name written on a teenage mutant ninja turtles backpack they bought. pretty weird.

songs by koala kong

i'm not sure what these songs were for, but koala kong was one of the group's who joined the label in early 2007. enjoy.

songs by me and the manatee

another late edition to the label who sent a number of potential tracks for the compact-catalog. some very groovy tunes here. DWLD