volume two: the best of 2006! TITLE
various artists PRFM
january 16, 2007 RLSD
jewel case cd-r FRMT
probably like 30 or so PRNT
28 tracks - 75 minutes LGTH

the continuination of an annual tradition with a musically and regionally diverse selection of artists from across the U.S. of A. this was probably the zenith of the label's story as it began buckling under the immense pressure of such a bloated carcass shortly after, yet the memory remains of an album that was far superior in talent and packaging than anything we'd done before. it even included a 2007 mini-calendar featuring the art of matt lock, who also performed many of the album's hits himself. it was all printed on a home printer though so of course it looked pretty bunk.

volumetwo.zip DWLD